Modern open-plan offices use space efficiently, but that’s not enough to create a productive working environment.

We need to consider the human element – the way team members work together, cooperate, negotiate, minimise distractions and respect each other’s privacy.

The evidence is clear: even well-designed open plan offices can reduce productivity and increase staff turnover.

We have the solution.

What makes Skillset's approach different?

Commitment. Not just ours, but your team's commitment to working together to make the most of their open plan environment.

An experienced Skillset facilitator would work with your whole team to help them agree on the best way to work together.

We’ll have some ideas to share – all based on the hard evidence on productivity.

It will be a workshop, not a passive seminar.

It’ll be fun.

What could we include?

(It’s your workshop, so we’ll design it to meet your needs.)

A facilitated consultation and discussion

Our aim would be to encourage everyone to agree on their office protocols, including how to work together to:
  • minimise disruptions and distractions
  • improve privacy and concentrated work time
Training in personal skills

How to:
  • state what you need, while preserving your relationships
  • negotiate changes and use of shared space
  • have challenging conversations, such as confronting inconsiderate behaviour
  • resist distractions, achieve maximum productivity
  • allow for individual differences (It's about how much stimulation people need and can tolerate.)
  • feel good about coming to work each day

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