1. Your colleague has strong opinions. Which strategy is most likely to persuade him? A) Present objective facts B) Present objective facts and figures C) Ask questions

2. You want to reduce the unhealthy food in your diet. Would it be better to leave the biscuits on the bench to develop your willpower, or throw them away to avoid temptation?

3. Why do we feel better after a walk? A) It’s the fresh air B) It’s the satisfaction of doing something healthy C) It’s the chance to appreciate nature or meet other people D) None of those

4. Which members of their audience are nervous presenters most likely to look at? A) Those who appear encouraging B) Those who appear discouraging C) Those who appear neutral

5. A man has just met a woman at a bar and wants to her to find him attractive. What drink should he avoid?

6. You are about to take on a particularly challenging assignment at work. You’ve heard that positive self-talk will help you perform the task better. Should you say to yourself ‘You can do it!’ or ‘I can do it!’?

7. You are applying for a new job. Should you highlight evidence of your relevant natural talents, or your hard work and perseverance?

How did you do?

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