1. Let’s say your friend is preparing for a trip to somewhere remote and asks your advice. Would she be more likely to enjoy her trip with a camera or without?

2. At which age do children know that others owe them a favour?  A) Three  B) Five  C) Eight

3. How true is the statement, ‘Human memory works like a video camera. If we’ve seen it with our own eyes, it’s reliable’? A) True B) Mostly true C) Mostly untrue

4. You want to buy a wedding gift that shows how much you care. Which of these is the couple most likely to appreciate?  A) A gift that shows how much you understand their interests and tastes  B) A gift they can use every day  C) Something from the couple’s wish list.

5. Is it true that our personalities are fixed by the time we reach adulthood?

6. Let’s say you are preparing for an exam and you’ve spent the last few hours studying. Which of these strategies would help you remember the key facts?  A) Exercise  B) Taking a nap  C) Both  D) Neither

How did you do?

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