1. Who is more likely to avoid a confrontation - a man or a woman?

2. You have a problem at work and need to be creative. Should you go for a walk, sit in a chair or lie down on a couch?

3. True or false: 'Our intelligence is fixed at birth'?

4. True or false: 'The moon affects our behaviour'?

5. Which philosopher warned against laughter?

6. Who would have the most accurate idea of our chances of having an accident on the road this weekend: someone feeling depressed, someone moderately happy, someone very happy?

7. True or false? 'Finding a compromise is the key to successful negotiation.'

8. Generally speaking, are women or men better able to read the 'atmosphere' in a room?

9. True or false: 'happiness is genetic'?

10. Rank these creatures for their sense of humour: cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, horses.

How did you do?

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