1. President Obama's re-election campaign raised $690 million from email requests. Which subject line generated the best response? A) Chance to donate to President Obama's campaign B) Opportunity to donate to President Obama's campaign C) Hey D) Request

2. Bond is away making movies and you need a new secret agent. Which of these candidates is most likely to do the job well? A) A grandmother with a military background B) A psychopath C) A journalist D) A teacher

3. What are aglets? A) Free radicals by another name B) Handles on spa pool covers C) Those plastic bits on the tips of shoelaces

4. Grandpa wants to keep his mind alert. What’s the best advice? A) Join an old-time dance class B) Read the newspaper regularly C) Learn a foreign language D) Keep soft things handy so that he can throw them at the television

5. You want to make sure that your wallet or purse is returned if you drop it in the street. Choose the best strategy. A) Add a photo of a puppy B) Add a photo of a baby C) Add a photo of a contented elderly couple
6. You are in a contest to be president of your sports club. You’ve decided against using an old photo of yourself in your flyer, but you have one of the clubhouse. Should you include it? Yes/No

7. The kids enjoyed working in the garden with you and you would like them to spend more time there. What's the best way to encourage them to become gardeners? A) Invite them to join you next time B) Pay them 20c an hour C) Pay them $5.00 an hour.

How did you do?