1. You want to persuade your chief executive that everyone should have a siesta after lunch. Science will back you, but how long should you recommend for maximum benefit? A) 3 minutes B) 16 minutes C) 26 minutes

2. It is much easier to persuade other drivers to let you into a line of traffic on dull days than sunny days. (Believe us, it’s true.) Can you explain why?

3. Some women really do find men’s sweat attractive. How is that possible?

4. Where can you buy chocolate fish? A) England B) Australia C) Neither D) Both

5. You want to live a long and healthy life. Which country should you move to? A) Georgia B) Japan C) South Africa

6. You are interviewing applicants for a job. Why should you be wary of a ‘star performer’ who is confident, outgoing and makes you want to say, ‘welcome aboard’ before another organisation grabs him?

7. What is the first name of the Pakistani teenager who campaigns for education for girls? A) Malika B) Malala C) Laila

How did you do?


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