1. Your friend is about to leave for a hot date. She wants you to suggest questions to get the conversation humming. Which of these is likely to be the most useful? A) What’s the best car you’ve ever owned? B) If your house caught fire, what possessions would you save? C) Should cyclists be allowed on main roads?

2. You are feeling a bit down and begin day-dreaming about the good old days, maybe your best family holiday, or life before major earthquakes. To lift your mood should you switch your thoughts to today, or stay in nostalgia mode?

3. Is it true that you are safer on the streets when the weather is colder?

4. Let’s say a colleague wants to move on from an unhappy relationship and has asked you for advice. Would it really help to suggest writing some notes about the relationship and burning them?

5. You want to persuade your team that sending you a brief report every Friday afternoon is a good idea. They are likely to be grumpy about it. What’s the best strategy? A) Explain how the report will help everyone and leave it to them B) Explain how the report will help everyone and make it compulsory.

6. You want to get fit for a marathon. Which technique would be best to help you meet your goal? A) Focus on willpower B) Build a vivid picture of crossing the finish line C) Reward yourself for making progress

7. You are booking a meeting room for what you hope will be a frank discussion on an important decision. Should you choose a room with a rectangular table or a round one?

How did you do?

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