1. You're dressing for a first date. What colour dress or shirt should you choose? A) Blue B) Red C) Green D) It wouldn’t make any difference

2. How true is the belief that people who do well in IT struggle with relationships and emotions? A) Untrue B) A rare case of an accurate stereotype

3.You are about to interview a suspect. Should you choose an office with art on the wall and photos on the desk, or a bare room with only a table and two chairs?

4. Your friend keeps singing the wrong words from songs – with great confidence. What is the name given to your friend’s mistakes?

5. Your team has an important meeting. You know there’ll be plenty of debate and you have to make some complex decisions. What time should you start? A) After morning tea and scones, so everyone is refreshed. B) Just before lunch, so there’s an incentive to reach an agreement C) At the end of the day, so that there are no distractions?

6. You have a new friend on Facebook. You’d really like to get to know this person well. Should you upload a photo of you in a group, or just you?

How did you do?

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