I have plenty of speakers to choose from, what makes Ralph Brown different?

Put it this way. If you just want a traditional motivational speaker to give your conference a bit of a lift and you don't care if nothing happens afterwards, Ralph is not for you. If you want inspiration with substance, read on.

Michael is a leading authority on training in media and presentation skills. He has wide experience as a communicator - as a teacher, television journalist, presenter and director for TVNZ and on secondment to the BBC. He has trained spokespeople throughout New Zealand for more than 20 years.

Michael's books on news media and presentation skills are distributed throughout the world. They are in their fourth and third editions.

Alana's Profile

Alana is a Skillset specialist in negotiation, investigative interviewing, resolving conflict and people skills. She coaches executives and team leaders in communication skills and helps teams work together more effectively.

Alana is a relaxed and engaging speaker with a great sense of humour.

Want to give your team a lift?

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