I have plenty of speakers to choose from, what makes Ralph Brown different?

Put it this way. If you just want a traditional motivational speaker to give your conference a bit of a lift and you don't care if nothing happens afterwards, Ralph is not for you. If you want inspiration with substance, read on.


Substance? Yes. In two ways.

  1. Ralph's presentations are about solving problems and achieving more - with simple, practical ideas to take away. Many of those ideas are life-changing.
  2. When he speaks about motivation, achieving goals, resilience and leadership, all the ideas come from thorough, objective research. Much of the usual advice is just pop psychology and doesn't check out. Some of that advice can do more harm than good. Ralph will give your audience a new focus based on science.

He will keep them entertained too - with memorable examples, surprises and laughter.

What problems could he help us solve?

You'd need to talk through your issues with him, but do these issues seem familiar?

For teams:

  • Staff are not engaged in their work. It's just a job, not a mission.
  • Staff are stressed by outside events and uncertainty

For leaders:

  • It's a struggle to motivate the staff or retain them
  • You're micromanaging staff and can't think of better ways of getting the work done
  • You're finding the millennial generation a challenge

Discover what top achievers around the world really do to thrive at work and contribute more.

Can we have training to go with that?

Certainly. And it makes sense.

A conference presentation is for new ideas and inspiration. A workshop consolidates and extends the learning. In workshops we can help your teams focus on the new ideas, think about what they really mean for them and begin to turn good intentions into action.

Talk to us about a package - maybe a conference presentation followed by training, followed by coaching.

Is he any good?

Here's what the Professional Speakers' Association (New Zealand) said about Ralph's address to its members:

'He captivated and informed us for an hour. It was a superb performance. His engaging, relaxed manner was the mark of a true professional, using anecdotes, research, absorbing content and humour. It was a presentation not to be missed.'

Ralph on 'How to have your best year ever'

Ralph's selection of the most useful ideas from what science reveals about successful people.

Some suggestions:

1. The vital choices that liberate top achievers
2. Achieving goals - the strategies that work (and the ones to avoid)
3. Real optimism - not just unrelenting positiveness, but the ways top achievers really think
4. A growth mindset - the extraordinary effect of a new way of thinking
5. How a healthy dose of pessimism can keep you on track

'How to keep the team motivated through challenging times'

Let's discuss what's likely to be most useful for your audience


  • The three universal motivators (They work for virtually everyone and cost nothing)
  • Praise that motivates and praise that destroys motivation and resilience
  • Leadership that helps others shine
  • What to do when a big wave hits
  • Fundamental attitudes you can encourage to build a motivated team (And why unrelenting positiveness isn't one of them)
  • Why focusing on self-esteem isn't helpful and may do harm.
  • Is the millennial generation really any different? (The answer is yes)

Can I see him in action?


Here he is telling the story of one of Sir Ernest Shackleton's crew surviving in the Antarctic in 1915. The theme is resilience and commitment - to the team and their plan. (Extract 52 sec)

Here he is talking to a business audience in Christchurch a year after the earthquake in Christchurch that killed 185 people. He's talking about celebrating progress. (Extract 1min 55sec)

What do I do now?

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Let's explore what would be most useful for your conference or meeting.