There are many ways. Here's one from science.

Look for meaning in what you do at work and at home.

Don't look for happiness directly. Instead look for meaning in what you do.

What do you do that gives you a purpose beyond yourself? What could you do?

Seem obvious now you think about it? Researchers found that three quarters of the people they studied focused directly on doing things that make them happy, but without any sense of purpose. Those people were much more likely to be depressed. 

What's a purpose?

Maybe the support you give to people who need it. Maybe what you contribute to your family or your colleagues. Maybe what you do for young people in sport or study, or for your clients or guests.

Make your purpose a mission, not something you do from time-to-time. For the full benefits, your purpose should become part of who you are.

Benefits at work

The researchers report that when employees are 'making progress in meaningful work' they are 250% more likely to be engaged at the office.

If you're a leader, talk about the purpose of your organisation - how it benefits customers, suppliers, your community or the world. Make sure that every individual and team knows how they contribute to that purpose. Help them to meet people who benefit from what they do. Help your people spend more time on meaningful work.

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