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Most of us think of ourselves as trustworthy. But without realizing it, many of us act as if we are not.

Suppose Bill wants to borrow his neighbour's power drill for a week. He gets on the phone. And while the number is ringing he thinks: it will be rude to ask for the drill right away. So the conversation goes like this.

It's okay to look at your notes. And it's okay to look at them in silence!

Do you find that hard to believe? Most of us begin this presenting game fearful of our moments of silence. We feel vulnerable. They'll think I've lost my way. They'll think I don't know my stuff. If I'm silent, they'll see that I'm nervous. Aagh! I have lost my way. That's why most speeches are over-seasoned with ums and ahs. As beginners, we can't stand our own silences.

About Michael Brown

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Michael is a senior trainer with Skillset, based in Christchurch.

He is a leading authority on training in presentation and news media skills in New Zealand. He has special expertise in how to present emotionally charged topics to challenging audiences. Michael has trained thousands of New Zealanders and worked with people who speak on behalf of some of the country's largest organisations.

Michael is a prolific author and his books on speaking and working with the media are in their fourth editions.

Speaking Easy: how to speak to your audiences with confidence and authority

Media Easy: how to handle the news media with confidence and authority

One of Michael's books is about his family's adventures sailing in the Pacific.

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